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Where the parties currently stand on Housing Affordability- Federal Election 2019

Where the parties currently stand on Housing Affordability- Federal Election 2019

Date Posted: October 8, 2019

As we approach the half-way mark of campaign season for the upcoming federal election this month, Mortgage Professionals Canada has gathered the latest campaign pledges from the major political parties.

A quick summary of the party platforms can be found below, in order of caucus size in the last parliament:



  • Increase maximum household income for the FristTime Home Buyer Incentive in Greater Vancouver, Victoria, and Toronto to $150,000 while also increasing the maximum household income qualifier from 4x to 5x in those same regions.
  • Introduce a 1% annual vacancy and speculation tax on applicable residential properties owned by nonresidents and non-Canadians.



  • Adjust the mortgage stress test to ensure firsttime buyers aren’t unnecessarily prevents from accessing mortgage and work with regulators to remove stress tests from mortgage renewals.
  • Increase amortizations for insured mortgages to 30 years for firsttime buyers



  • Undertake study of mortgage stress test qualifying rate.
  • Look to create an exemption process for borrower looking to change lenders at renewal.
  • Reintroduce 30-year amortization for insured mortgages for first time home buyers.


Bloc Quebecois:

  • Introduce green energy renovation program.
  • Allow access to RRSP funds for victims of natural disasters for repairs and rebuilding homes.


Green Party:

  • End firsttime home buyer programs and focus on affordable housing.
  • Create a Coop Housing Strategy to update how co-op housing is financed.
  • Appoint a Minister of Housing.


To read more from the highlights and further detailed party statements, check out the article from Mortgage Professionals Canada here.